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Wed Nov 22 05:37:07 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 21 November 2006 16:27, jdow wrote:
>From: "Gene Heskett" <gene.heskett at>
>> On Tuesday 21 November 2006 15:11, J.L. Coenders wrote:
>>>Dear list,
>>>I am trying to use spamassassin as a spamfilter with kmail. I have
>>> found some information that it is possible to run spamassassin as a
>>> daemon with spamd. Does anyone know a good source of information
>>> where I can read up on configuration of spamassassin for client use
>>> and running spamd to speed up the process?
>>>I have trained spamassassin using the default configuration with about
>>> 1700 mails, but still it does not seem to work wel.
>>>Thanks on beforehand.
>> Because kmail locks its user interface up so tightly when fetching
>> mail, and the effect is severely enhanced when using spamassassin, I
>> have offloaded those jobs to fetchmail, which in turn uses procmail
>> for the MDA, and procmail pipes it through spamd before depositing it
>> in the users /var/mail/$USER mailbox.  So kmails job is reduced to
>> pulling it from that file every 2 minutes or so and sorting it
>> according to your filter rules, and generally remains much more
>> responsive to the user.
>> None of this should be done as root even if you run as root. 
>> Fortunately, all this has the 'run as user' option in their launching
>> syntax.  The expert on setting that up is Jdow if she has the time to
>> help.  She was very nice and helped me a lot when I did it.
>If he is reading from ISP directly then "fer shure" he wants to use
>that setup I taught you. It also allows for individual Bayes training
>and if desired individual rules as well as individual scores to be
>processed along with the standard rule sets.
>You positively do not want to handle spam in real time in the link
>from your ISP to something like kmail. It is about as famn dool a
>setup as you can create.
Hi Joanne :)  Since installing FC6 on this system, useing the same 
fetchmailrc and procmailrc files as I was using for FC2, I am now getting 
a very terse message from something unidentified for every fetchmail poll 
that actually fetches a message from vz, and it looks like it might be a 
report from some automatic sa_learn script.  But I can't find anything 
that looks like it should be sending me a mail, nor can I find where to 
shut the auto-learn off if thats the src of these messages.  Its around 
2-300 a day, so its not trivial to dispose of them.

All header lines are empty and the message is "Learned token(s) from 
messages(number, may be 0), scanned messages(number, may be 0)"

Have you installed FC6, and if so, are you being mailbombed by this 


Cheers, Gene
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