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Wed Nov 22 17:01:07 UTC 2006

--- Mike McGrath <mmcgrath at> wrote:

> So we're looking for better ways to find out exactly
> who is out there
> and what Fedora is being used for.  I've been
> compiling thoughts and
> ideas on a metrics site.  Please take a look and
> comment.  What are
> you, the community, most comfortable with?  Where's
> the line where
> you'd check the check box to not participate?
>            -Mike
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I have been following this issue and I get more
negative responses than positive ones.  Since Fedora
announced that they needed to count the number of
machines/users of Fedora, many people have objected
and possibly switched to other distros because of
this.  They love Fedora, but they do not appreciate
any attempts by either Fedora/Redhat to spy on their
machines and they feel that it is an invasion of

I like Fedora very much, but I do not like the
tracking part.  I regularly update most of my machines
except the home machines (dialup), and should thus
have been counted here

Surveys are a turnoff for many people, registered
users, not everyone will want to register.  Phone
calls to the home are definitely out of the question. 
Use yum and make the other options optional as per
user preference.  Although you will still not get the
most accurate stats on the amount of machines using

(1) not all users update, 
(2) not all users use yum, 
(3) not all users want to register, 
(4) not all users would like phone calls
(5) not all users appreciate this call for users
(6) many users prefer annonymity and look to continue
using Fedora if
   a) they do not start using Microsoft like antics.
      which include

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