Can't bring up Fedora Core 6

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Fri Nov 24 19:42:43 UTC 2006

Ivan Kronkvist wrote:
>>> To find out more, try this:
>>> - reboot
>>> - in the grub boot loader screen, first press a
>> key to see the menu,
>>> then press 'a' to modify the kernel arguments
>>> - from the line of kernel options, remove 'rhgb'
>> and 'quiet', and add '3'
>>> (all without the quotes). This disables the
>> graphical boot, makes the
>>> boot sequence more verbose, and boots to runlevel
>> 3, that is, without X
>>> started, so you will have a text mode system on
>> which you can login,
>>> view logs, attempt to reconfigure X etc. maybe the
>> boot messages or
>>> system logs will give you a clue about the cause
>> of the problem
> I have a similar problem. I did get into the grub
> loader and typed a for kernel modifications however, I
> don't know how to make the alteractions suggested
> above.

Did you get your system up? If so, what did you do that brought it up?

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