Getting Fedora to work

Michael Satterwhite michael at
Sat Nov 25 04:42:49 UTC 2006

I didn't notice it before I posted my message, but I found it
interesting that another potential Fedora user had posted a very similar
problem to mine immediately before my message was posted.

I'd like to switch to Fedora, but I can't get it to come up. Note: I did
check the image sums before I burned the DVD. I did have k3b verify the
image, and it reported it binary equal. I did have Fedora check the
media before I started the install. I've seen some suggestions about
graphics cards. My card is running fine in two different distributions
and in Windows (I'm aware that this doesn't eliminate that as a
potential problem, but it certainly diminishes the probability. If any
OS were the only one that couldn't use the card, I'd question the wisdom
of using it).

There was a question about /usr and / being in the same partition. I'm
bringing /home up in its own partition, but everything else shares a
partition (except my windows partition. I'm not going to let my Linux
installation touch my Win2K partition).

That said, my install runs through the point that it tries to boot. It
reaches the point that it says:

Mounting local filesyste          [Failed]
Enabling local filesystem quotas  [OK]
Enabling /etc/fstab swaps

At this point, the boot hangs and goes no further. I've noted that other
people have reported the same problem.

It (obviously) bothers me that it failed to mount the local file system.
Regardless, I can't get Fedora Core 6 up. I have wiped my Fedora install
and reinstalled kubuntu. I'm willing to try again if there is any
realistic hope of getting Fedora up, but my window of opportunity is
only on weekends for this, and that window is rapidly closing.

Can anyone offer any help, or is Fedora Core 6 just a lost cause? I'd
have trouble believing that, but I guess anything is possible.

Thanks in advance

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