We need a Yast in Fedora

jim tate mickeyboa at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 25 15:10:54 UTC 2006

Charles Curley wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 24, 2006 at 11:20:55AM -0500, jim tate wrote:
>> I have been to a couple of meetings here in
>> Indiana, USA and Indiana is working at present to move all it's school 
>> desktops/servers to Suse, becaues they
>> think that Yast is the one App. that makes
>> Linux easy to work with and I agree.
>> They like Fedora but it doesn't have a Yast type App.
>> It wouldn't be hard to make a Gui like Yast in Fedora, because Fedora 
>> has the system-config-* apps and to get them to work in a single gui 
>> wouldn't be hard.
>> I'am a strong Fedora user and I teach
>> people on the outside of the school system
>> on Fedora.
> Unix philosophy: lots of small programs, each of which does one thing
> very well, which one can string together to do things the designers
> never thought of.
> Windows philosophy: One big program that lets you do only what the
> designers think you should be able to do. "We're from Microsoft and we
> know more about what you're doing than you do."
> If they think that YAST is "the one App. that makes Linux easy to work
> with" then they haven't done enough research. There are may such apps,
> not least the Red Hat collection of system-config-* tools. Nor have
> they tried to do things that YAST does not let them do.
Fedora has a lot of good tools , but their not consolidated.
I know Yast has a lot of bugs in it . If you ever install a video card 
in Suse, it is most like is not detected.
But I'm talking about consolidating hardware/software tools into one gui 
where a new person
can find them.
In KDE, Administration is half way there, but it's not a default 
install, and doesn't have software control.
All the tools are there in Fedora, if you been using Fedora for 6 mo. to 
a year, you know where they are,
but a newbie doesn't, and newbies are what will make the 
opensource/Linux grow.

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