How does FC run on Dell Insiration?

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Mon Nov 27 04:10:20 UTC 2006

dj+fedora at wrote:
> I have FC6 running on my Inspiron 6400.  The media card reader
> doesn't work, and so far the microphone doesn't (sound works fine).
> The ATI card worked with FC5, but the FC6 upgrade broke it (vesa
> works), haven't tried recently.  DVD works fine in libata mode (else
> slow).  Wireless ipw3945 works, but not with NetworkManager.  USB
> works fine.

You might be able to cross off a few of the problems on that list.  I
have an Inspiron E1705.  The media card reader (a Ricoh) works quite
well with FC6 (for FC5 I had to play around with hal and load some
modules manually to make it work smoothly).  The only cards I've put
into it are SD cards -- which might not be what you have a need to

The Intel 3945 card works great with Network Manager here, connecting
to a WPA2 Personal AP.

I've yet to try the microphone so I couldn't say if it works or not.

Are there particular errors you get from the card reader or from the
wireless card with Network Manager?

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