help installing Xp into FC6 drive?

linux at linux at
Tue Nov 28 10:41:37 UTC 2006

>Sorry, Virtual Machine ie VMware or something like it. I'm actually
>close to being in the same boat. Currently a dual booter and very
>close to ditching my XP altogether. 2 things are stopping me: World of
>Warcraft and Native Instruments Traktor. I'm setting up a Win2K VM lab
>over the weekend to see if I can run these apps in the VM environment.

Last time I tried the few problems I had were
1. limitation linked to the host machine - you need a LOT of RAM to get production performance
2. fact that you'll end up using the VM virtual device in lieu of the native hardware

note that I always used the commercial product when using VMWare, never the free versions.



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