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Tue Nov 28 11:07:11 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 28 November 2006 02:49, Tim wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 18:49 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote about photos:
> > ...Many of them irreplaceable.  Many needing some restoration work.
> > You're absolutely right to make this a project.  For the same reason I
> > started using Gimp as my starting point for scans.
> Are there Gimp add-ons specifically for making it easy to repair or
> modifiy photos?  I've played around with manually airbrushing over some
> things in photographs (e.g. overhead powerlines ruining a scene), but
> not managed to do it invisibly, just make things look less worse.
> I would have thought there's an easy way to wipe over something annoying
> in a picture using the colours from nearby to where you're rubbing,
> automatically.
The problem is that with photographic images you rarely have any significant 
group of pixels of exactly the same colour.  Usually the best way of dealing 
with that is to define a small irregular shape close to the problem (so you 
get the nearest possible match) then paste it over.  It's a bit 
time-consuming, but if you choose your shape well it's not too bad, 
considering the improvement it can give.

One of the good things about Gimp is the ability to undo any change, so it's 
always safe to experiment.  If you get *really* badly out of what you want 
you can simply reload and start again.

Gimp has no 'easy answers' but the results are the better for the time you 
spend on them.  Sometimes it helps to drastically zoom in - you can see even 
individual pixel detail.

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