What's a good lock box ??

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Wed Nov 29 00:56:51 UTC 2006

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Jim Cornette wrote:
>> I only had cell phones and no land line when my wife bought her a
>> laptop. We could not register at home even though we had high speed. We
>> had to wait and register when we brought the laptop over to a person who
>> had a land line to register. Some people say that they never had to
>> register, but authentication of the license had to be performed in some
>> manner.
> You (or maybe someone else) keeps saying this,
> but does one _have to_ "authenticate" Windows?
> I've installed several versions of Windows on virgin machines,
> and I don't recall having to be on the internet before Windows worked.
> I had to put in the secret 20-cipher code, and then Windows ran.
> As it happened, last time I installed I could not get onto the internet
> until I downloaded a driver for my WiFi device (on a different machine).

I've heard references that non-networked versions of XP are alright and 
will function until it connects to the Internet. This might have saved 
you from the hassle until you got the wifi connected. I do not delve too 
deeply into the innards of M$ policies. I did however have to curse M$ 
on the phone when getting re-activation numbers over the telephone for 
re-installed systems.


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