FC6 and Network

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Wed Nov 29 20:51:13 UTC 2006

Tom Rivers wrote:

>> Destination		Gateway		Genmase		Flags		Metric	Ref	Use	Iface
>> 	U		0		0	0	eth0
>>		U		0		0	0	eth0
>>		UG		0		0	0	eth0

> Unless I'm missing something here, there is a mismatch in IP ranges.
> Your first line references, yet the

It's netmask shown, not

> default gateway is which I don't think responds to a
> network.  You may want to check your IP
> address for eth0, "ifconfig eth0", and make sure it's on the same class
> C network range that your default gateway is.  This kind of problem
> would account for the "Destination unreachable" messages.

It would make a good reason but the numbers given are correct.  The 
netmask is the same as a /21. is on his 
network[1].  I notice he misspelled kernel though, with no network he 
had to type it in, it's still possible there is a mistake that he didn't 
notice and typed what he thought he saw.



Netmask:   11111111 11111111 11111000 00000000
Network:   11000000 10100000 10000xxx xxxxxxxx
Gateway:  11000000 10100000 10000011 00010101

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