after FC2 -> FC6 upgrade, Samba prevents access to /home shares

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Thu Nov 30 01:57:42 UTC 2006

Lonni J Friedman wrote:
> I've got a system that I'm stuck supporting which was recently
> upgraded from FC2 to FC6.  This system serves as a Samba (SMB) server
> for a bunch of Windows boxes.  Since the upgrade, all attempts to
> browse /home (or any of its subdirectories) fail with a permission
> denied error.  In the samba log, the following appears:
> '/home/bjohnston' does not exist or permission denied when connecting
> to [bjohnston]
> Error was Permission denied
> Note, the FC6 system is using the same exact smb.conf as it was using
> under FC2 when everything just worked.  This failure happens with
> either authenticated browsing or unauthenticated browsing.
> Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

There are SELinux elements that you can adjust through 
system-config-securitylevel to allow /home directories and other factors 
to be accessible. The settings by default do not allow /home directories 
to be in the share. Look around for information regarding SELinux and 
SAMBA to see if you can set things according to preference. I found the 
interface in s-c-securitylevel pretty straightforward but there may be 
handy howto information out there.


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