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Sun Sep 3 04:43:13 UTC 2006

On 9/2/06, Mike van Hoof <mike at> wrote:
> Hello,
> i've got a CD with some corrupted image's on it, and was wondering if
> there is anyone who knows a tool (linux or windows... but free) wich can
> recover these (or parts of it).
> Thanks,
> Mike
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Hi Mike van Hoof!

If the cause of the "corruption" can be seen (disk scratched or dirty)
you may be able to restore the disk:

To Clean (removes oils and dirt) with hands that have not touched
actual "ground in dirt" (no garden work - etc...) first wash the hands
with mild diswashing soap.  Make sure to rinse off all the soap.  Then
hold the CD under the running water "flushing" the entire surface of
the CD for at least 30 seconds.  Move the wetted CD to the top of soda
bottle (clean of course) such that it is read side up (upside down)
and only the center part is on the bottle cap.  Then wash your hands
again this time forming a "slippery but not very soapy" soap on the
hands, lift the cd and lightly rub the soap on the read side of the CD
and wash the other side as well.  Rinse the hands and then flush both
sides of the CD with running water for at least 45 seconds.  Dry with
kleenix using a single light circle to dry the read side of the CD
(and whatever you want on the other side).  Make sure to dry the
inside hole edge and the outside edge.

To polish use some car wax (these often have a polishing compound)
carefully.  Then re-wash the CD as above.

Gameing stores and sometimes Video rental places can often tell you
where you can find a CD/DVD polishing machine.  These about $700.00
wonders remove all scratches I understand.  They use a polishing
compound (and some kind of optically flat rubbing surface I suppose)
to restor the optically flat surface to the read side plastic of the

Anne is right, there is a lot of stuff out there purporting to restore
CDs.  I did not get far in sorting it out.  My search routed arround
to "computer forensics open source CD data recovery tools"  brought me
back to a page on Helix (Forensic KNOPPIX) where I found a nifty U.S.
Department of Justice Special Report on "Test Results for Disk Imaging
Tools: dd GNU fileutils 4.0.36, Provided with Red Hat Linux 7.1".  I
kind of like forensics.

# The Helix page where I found the report -

# The searched page which led me to Helix

Good Hunting!


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