Re-installing FC5

Guillermo Garron guillermo.fedora at
Mon Sep 4 18:32:48 UTC 2006

On 9/4/06, Timothy Murphy <tim at> wrote:
> Tod Merley wrote:
> > I like fresh installs for several reasons:
> >
> > 1. They tend to be "about as stable as it gets" about one month after
> > the release.  Do the install, do the updates, do the updates when
> > things look kind of quiet and backup just in case.
> There is something to be said for fresh installs,
> and something to be said for upgrades.
> (The main advantage of upgrades is that you do not have to re-enter
> information about your system.)
> In my experience, upgrades and installs of Fedora
> are both completely "stable".
> > 2. I just listened to part of a symposium on computer security.  It
> > really is possible and occurs more often than we know (people who get
> > hit tend not to talk) that computers are made into "bot" networks.  To
> > completely "flush" a computer of it's operating system and all other
> > areas and leave only the "data that I really need now" makes us a lot
> > more of a "moving target" for those who would try to take our
> > computers as theirs!  I like that idea!!
> That verges on paranoia, in my view.
> I'm not sure what a "bot network" is,
> but I would have thought it was fairly easy to construct a firewall
> which prevents your computer being taken over.
> > 1. Grab the flash drive (if the computer has not a CD burner) and move
> > the "data - usable) contents of my home and Desktop directories.  I
> > tend to fill a CD so I may well include /etc (or part of it at least),
> > by boot directory (grub backup - grub config files often useful).
> How do you know which files in /etc to copy to your new system?
In my case, in my home PC
i need,

I think each of Linux users know what they need.
Oops sorry i forgot about yum files :)


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