How to create /dev/dsp ?

François Patte francois.patte at
Tue Sep 5 04:22:17 UTC 2006

Timothy Murphy a écrit :
> I took a disk out of one computer, and put it in another
> (more precisely, I took out the Utrabay hard disk from a ThinkPad T20
> and put it in a ThinkPad T23)
> and now I am told there is no sound because
> "Device /dev/dsp does not exist".

You can create all sound devices running the command : MAKEDEV sound

The problem is: do these devices will survive to a reboot.

Had you kudzu enabled when you put your drive in your new laptop? If not
it is not too late to enable it and reboot and see what happens.

Another post suggest to run snd-config from the menu "System
configuration" This can work too.

François Patte
UFR de mathématiques et informatique
Université Paris 5 - Paris

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