Matrox G550, DVI and FC5

Ian Pilcher i.pilcher at
Tue Sep 5 13:04:09 UTC 2006

Trond Danielsen wrote:
> I have a problem with my Matrox G550 graphics card. I cannot get the
> DVI output working from X. After reading the matrox forums I
> discovered that I need a binary module from Matrox to get some of the
> features on the graphics card working, but Matrox only got modules for
> xorg  7.0.0. Has anyone tried these on FC5?

I don't think that the Matrox binary modules work with 7.1.  However,
you may be able to coax the card's BIOS to set things up properly by
passing the correct "vga=..." parameter on the kernel command line.

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