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Fri Sep 8 00:41:54 UTC 2006

From: "Peter Reed" <mrdeadworry at>
> David Fletcher wrote:
>> At 09:27 07/09/2006, you wrote:
>>> What do I start from? How to detect the UPS type? What files are not 
>>> needed
>>> for network configuring?
>>> Thanks...
>> This might not be much help (depends upon what brand of UPS you've got) 
>> but I always use apcupsd with a USB connected APC UPS. It's easy to set 
>> up and "just works".
>> Dave
> I concur,  mine just works as above.  All the files you mention in 
> /etc/ups are empty in my installation.  The help files are out of date 
> but if you go to:   >
> It is a good resource for setting up a UPS.  Good luck.
> Peter

There may be some problems if there is a USB based UPS involved. Check
with the apcupsd mailing list archives for more information. One thing
I noticed here in one install recently was that the USB bus terminated
before the "apcupsd --killpower" command got executed. Of course, This
Will Never Do.


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