QEMU no cdrom ?

Steven Pasternak stevenp500 at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 10 04:59:05 UTC 2006

Kenny Gow wrote:
> Jack Gates wrote:
>> On Saturday 09 September 2006 21:04, Peter Gordon wrote:
>>> Jack Gates wrote:
>>>> The quest is started and there is an icon for
>>>> a cdrom but there does not seem to be any connection to either of
>>>> my physical cdrom drives.
>>> You need to specify which device to use for the virtual CD-ROM
>>> using the "-cdrom" option. It can be a device node (such as
>>> /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 or /dev/hda or similar) or a path to an ISO file
>>> (such as ~/ISOs/FC5-x86-installer.iso or similar).
>>> E.g.:
>>> $ qemu -hda guest.img -cdrom /dev/dvd
>>> $ qemy -hda guest.img -cdrom ~/ISOs/FC5-x86-DVD.iso -boot d
>>> ...etc.  Hope that helps!
>> I tried that with
>> qemu -hda c.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom0 -m 512 -soundhw all -localtime 
>> -usb -usbdevice tablet
>> -cdrom /dev/cdrom1
>> -cdrom /dev/cdrom
>> -cdrom /dev/hdc
>> -cdrom /media/cdrom
>> -cdrom /media/cdrom0
>> -cdrom /media/cdrom1
>> -cdrom /media/hdc
>> all I got each time was
>> qemu: could not open hard disk image '/dev/cdrom0'
> It works for me if I use -cdrom /dev/cdrom
> when /dev/cdrom is a symbolic link pointing to my
> actual cdrom device, /dev/hdc
Can you access them? do 'ls -hl /dev/hdc' (or whatever it is). Maybe the 
permissions don't let you read the device itself.

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