Netgear GA311 (RealTek 8169 chipset) PCI network card and fc5

taharka res00vl8 at
Fri Sep 29 02:47:34 UTC 2006


On Thu, 2006-09-28 at 18:37 -0400, fredex wrote:

> All I know is that I've never had any trouble with Realtek chipset
> NICs. But I must admit I've not used any of 'em with FC5, either.

Ever try using em with FreeBSD 5.x/6.x/7.x?

> I'm currently running two of them in the old Smoothwall firewall box
> (8139 cards) and it had no trouble at all.

My current Firewall/Router box is an ex Smoothie with three 8139C nics.
Switched it over to IPCop & suddenly discovered m0n0wall which is
FreeBSD based & running as we speak. Bet yours are 8139Cs also. I once
built a Smoothie for a customer with two 8139D nics. Nothing but
problems. Exchanged them for two 8139Cs & all was well. IIRC correctly,
there was some discussion about RealTek nics, a few years back, on the
Smoothwall list. Bottom line is, these nics use CPU processing power the
same way a win modem does. The m0n0wall box, is accessible via a web
browser that's SVG enabled & I can see real time performance of the CPU.
If I shut down m0n0wall, switch out the RealTek nics with either
Intel/3Com, CPU usage goes way down compared to the RealTeks. BTW, did
you know the founder of Smoothwall (I assume you know who I mean ;-) )
is one of the backers/funders of m0n0wall?

> my desktop, which is running Centos 4.4 has a builtin 8169 (not a separate
> card) and it also works perfectly.

Not much you can do about a builtin, short of disabling it in the BIOS &
installing a pci Intel/3Com nic. Should give you a performance boost

> So, either FC5 has some oddity in how it recognizes/enables realtek
> chipsets, or the particular card you have has done something that 
> breaks the otherwise easy-to-use chipset. No clue what.

My theory is this, ya save a ton of money by not paying $Microshaft
prices. Why not splurge a little on some top quality nics?


Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.

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