links in konquer's 'edit bookmarks' and in pan's news messages do not work-new user

charles f. zeitler cfzeitler at
Tue Dec 4 22:57:41 UTC 2007

--- "charles f. zeitler" <cfzeitler at> wrote:

> when trying to open links in
> konqueror's 'edit bookmarks' window,
> or links in pan (newsreader), i get
> a bunch of kfmclients spawned (and
> re-spawning) without opening the link.
> i posted this as a bug, & Ngo Than
> kindly suggested trying this as a
> new user. this worked.
> can somebody suggest an alternative
> to moving all my files over (to the
> new useer)?
> thanks
> charles zeitler
now operating as a new user- never found cause of problem (sigh).

charles zeitler

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