usbkeys with U3 and their removal?

John Summerfield debian at
Wed Dec 5 22:03:15 UTC 2007

Robin Laing wrote:

> Thinking about it last night, I figured out this is the cause of my 
> daughters headaches.  The stick mounts two drives in Windows, Macs as 
> well as Linux.  If you want to safely remove a drive, you have to remove 
> two devices.  This happened with the IT person yesterday.

I have a Sandisk Cruiser, and my memory's fairly fresh:-)

Yesterday I plugged it into a Windows 2003 Server box; for this purpose 
it's near enough Windows XP.

It created the two devices, I copied my file to the USB disk part.

I then located the "safely remove" icon, and was presented with a list 
of devices to remove (there were all the Sandisk). I chose the top one, 
"USB Storage" as I recall. That one selection removed all the devices.

> Also, found this out this morning.  If you erase the partition that you 
> have access to, the launchpad software pukes.  It won't run and thus 
> saves your Windows friend from getting bits of the "spyware" software on 
> their system.
> For those that don't know, here is the pusher of this spyware or root 
> kit software.  I have read a few articles about installing key grabber 
> software on the U3 partition and using in a public computer.

I think autorun is inherently bad. No, not "bad" "Evil" is a better work.
In "group policy" one can turn autorun off for all devices.



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