Fedora 8: ipw2200 firmware error when back after a short while of inactivity (D810)

wwp subscript at free.fr
Fri Dec 7 10:58:36 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've noticed a weird thing since I've upgraded to kernel

After at least ~30 seconds of inactivity (being away from keyboard or
focus set to a running VMWare guest system), when I come back to the
desktop and shake the mouse, this happens in /var/log/messages:

kernel: ipw2200: Firmware error detected.  Restarting.

And this is encountered from a user point of view:
- the wifi led of my Dell D810 laptop goes off then on again
- keyboard and mouse events are lost during 1-3 seconds
- there's a peak of CPU consumption according to the system monitor applet

I think I've found what causes the problem: if I uncheck "Dim display
when idle" in the Power Management Preferences, the problem goes away.
Does that make sense? What's this "idle" event and what timeout?

Few more facts:
- I didn't observe this issue with kernel Neither w/ an
  up-to-date FC5 (before I've installed this Fedora 8).
- I can reproduce this behaviour w/ the latest kernel available whenever
  I want.
- I tried disabling eth1 (the wireless one) but no change.
- I don't get those firmware errors if I don't go away at least 25-30sec.
- I can use this wifi-based eth1 w/o noticeable problems if it's enabled.
- My power saving prefs are NOT set to do anything before 15 minutes.
- The Brightness applet is not able to detect my LID status nor to change
  its brightness (I do that using blue fn keys). Other power management
  related statuses are detected and managed OK (battery, cpu, thermal).

(lspci -vv attached, you'll see that it's a 2915 device)

Anyone gets or understands this?


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