haldaemon problem

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Sun Dec 9 23:34:27 UTC 2007

david walcroft wrote:
> Rpm -V hal shows nothing
> [david at reddwarf ~]$ sudo rpm -V hal hal-libs
> [david at reddwarf ~]$

That's good.  It means you have both packages installed and that
the contents of those packages match what was installed by rpm/yum.

Next thing I would try is to find out what, if any, error haldaemon
gives when you try to start it up.

I think tailing the /var/log/messages file is very handy for this.

Run tailf /var/log/messages in one terminal.

Run service haldaemon restart in another.  See if there are any log
messages in the first terminal.  If not, you can try to run hald
directly to get some output.

Run hald --daemon=no --verbose=yes (as root, like with the previous
commands).  Hopefully you will get some output that will help us
determine where the problem is.

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