Can we rsync the packages ?

John Summerfield debian at
Tue Dec 11 08:55:20 UTC 2007

Yves Dorfsman wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, William Hooper wrote:
>>> Is one of the fedora project server (or a mirror) running an rsync 
>>> daemon ?
>> A number of the mirrors allow rsync.  See
> Perfect, exactly what I was looking for, thanks very much.

Bear in mind that this does not update the install rep, you will need 
the existing repo as distributed plus one containing the updates.

I don't know whether you can, or how to, include the mirrored updates 
repo without actually changing a package.

Unless you play games with virtual hosts and IP tables. _That_ worked 
well for me for Taroon Beta which had a broken anaconda, and it also 
works with the current Debian Stable once it has the bit between its teeth,



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