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Claude Jones cjones at
Tue Dec 11 18:29:38 UTC 2007

Lamar Owen wrote:
> The easy thing to do is to use the standard RFC822 (and superceding RFC's) 
> List-Id: header to do your processing.  With the e-mail volume I pull, having 
> everything coming into a single folder is impossible (I got over 16,000 
> non-spam e-mails last month from this one account (I have six)); I organize 
> by folders, and kmail allows some really slick presentation of those folders, 
> and does the automatic List-Id based filing.
agreed - something you may not have heard is that there's a move afoot 
to drop Kmail from KDE4
I don't know if that's a permanent drop, or a get the release out the 
door without it drop, but, I share your sentiments on its power, and am 
going to look into it further

to Les: I'm not following this discussion intently, though I agree with 
the sentiment of not adding to the subject line, but one thing you said 
caught my eye, the bit about "Doesn't that mean you have to jump around 
in the folders whenever a new message comes in or you want to reply to 
something?   I don't have time for that." The answer is yes, but, it's 
not really so hard. I see you're using Thunderbird on Windows, which I 
am in process of configuring at this moment on a new laptop. When new 
messages come in, I merely press the 'n' key to get to them, or, I've 
added the 'Next unread message' and 'Previous unread message' buttons to 
the toolbar so I can mouseclick to them; additionally, I've changed the 
behavior where it continually asks you if you want to go to an unread 
message in the next folder by doing the following from Thunderbird 
tricks and tips:

"Change the Advance to Next Unread Message behavior

    When you click on the Next button (or when you select Go > Next >
    Message or simply when you press N) you normally advance to the next
    unread message in the current folder. If there are no unread
    messages left in a folder, Thunderbird will ask if you want to
    advance to the next folder containing unread messages. You can
    change this behavior by using the Config Editor <edit#configeditor>
    to change the value of the preference mailnews.nav_crosses_folders.
    The values are:

        Always go to the next folder without prompting 
        Ask before going (the default behaviour) 
        Never go to the next folder with unread messages"

Hoping this got converted to text only from html, and hope this is 
helpful - if not, just disregard - I don't need a big correction for not 
following your complaint in total detail, it's just some suggestions

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