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Tue Dec 11 21:08:36 UTC 2007

On 11Dec2007 08:50, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at> wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>> I use gmail and pick them up with POP, although I'll probably switch to 
>>> IMAP soon.  Can gmail rules do anything but sort?  I don't want to have 
>>> to wade through a bunch of different folders.  And I don't consider the 
>>> easy to see tags used by Centos, rt-users. opennms-discuss, 
>>> openvpn-users, fedora-directory-users, linux-lvm, backuppc-users, etc., 
>>> etc. to be 'messed up'.  In fact they are very helpful.
>> Not when half your subject line is hidden by "[random-blah-list-I-already
>> know]"
> Errr, no, that's the point.  I don't know that list when what my mail 
> client presents is the subject lines of unread messages and the list is not 
> polite enough to identify itself there.  Your solution seems to be to do a 
> lot of grunge work with hidden fields.  Mine is simpler - just use a screen 
> big enough to display what you want to see.

Not very portable to small displays.
1: Does not GMail show you tags?
2: GMail filters can add tags to messages.
3: You can always read just-the-list by reading the tag.

So, no, GMail doesn't need the subjec lines to be mangled.
Use its tags.
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