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Wed Dec 12 02:01:34 UTC 2007

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> tony.chamberlain at writes:
>> This is of course a more recent installation.
>> I just found that in /etc/cron.daily there is a file with a script
>> (directory name changed for confidentiality)
>>    cd /a/b/c/d
>>    find . -name '*log*' -exec rm -f {} \;
>> So if there is no /a/b/c/d it will stay in whatever directory it is in
>> (probably root).  That is why like initlog, login_pam,so etc.
>> have been removed.
> You're boned. Reinstall. And fire the wiseguy who wrote that script.

Unless it was written 20+ years ago when /bin/sh used to exit on failed 
cd's unless in interactive mode.  Now you need to
cd somewhere || exit
to avoid breakage.

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