Sony Micro Vault compression in Linux/Fedora

John Summerfield debian at
Thu Dec 13 22:53:24 UTC 2007

George Arseneault wrote:
> I was recently given a 1G flash drive. Sony Micro
> Vault model# USM1GJ. Had no problem reading it in FC5.
> So far, so good. 
> But, this drive comes pre-loaded with a compression
> program that will allow you to store up to three times
> as much information. (Supposedly. Usual caveat YMMV.
> Also, does not compress jpg's, mpg's, wma's, zip's,
> lvh's, etc. or anything less than 2K) Compressed files
> will have the extension .vem.  On the disk or
> available at
> is the
> decompression.exe which will allow you to decompress
> these files without using the Micro Vault program.
> Has anyone had experience with this in Linux/Fedora?
> Does this .exe work in Wine? (I haven't any personal
> experience with Wine Yet)
> Is there a Linux equivalent application that can
> handle the .vem files?
> Personally, I'm thinking of just not using the
> compression.  It only takes up 1.5M, so I can just
> leave it/delete everything but the decompression.exe
> just in case I need it later.

Most of the stuff you listed that it won't compress is already 
compressed. I'd throw in rpms, debs, compressed tarballs, Ooo documents.

I'd not use the compression. I do use these devices, I have three, but I 
use them for transporting files, and if they're not alreay compressed, 
then creating a tarball directly to the drive works:
mount /dev/sdb2 /media/usbdisk
tar cjf /media/usbdisk/myhome.tar.bz2 ~
umount /dev/sdb2

Adjust to taste. use a GUI if you wish.

For compatibility with windows, use zip instead.



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