Sendmail takes ages to start at bootup

David L. Gehrt dlg at
Sat Dec 15 11:50:54 UTC 2007

> Hi all,
> Just a question to satisfy my curiosity.  When booting sendmail takes
> a very long time to start.  This happens in FC6 but even longer in F7
> on a new laptop.  I'm watching it now and its been 7 minutes so far.
> Done!  Sendmail finished in 9 minutes and now sm-client ... is
> ... finished in ... 4 minutes.  The rest boots quite quickly, less
> than 2 minutes for everything else.  All mail is done through another
> box.  This is not a problem, allows plenty of time to make some tea
> and get a slice of cake.

I have had some success in  analogous situations adding hosts and IPs in
the  hosts  file  along  with   localhost  info,  and  making  sure  the
nsswitch.conf has "files" before "dns" on the "hosts:" line.

I do not use  db (database) files or flavor of nis  so the hosts line in
my nsswitch.conf file is just:

hosts:      files dns

However it is  possible that the problem is some  change in the sendmail
configuration files  after an upgrade  so you may  want to look  at your and files in  /etc/mail to make sure nothing has


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