GDM Greeter Hangs, 92% CPU. Cannot bring up FedoraInfinity Login screen.

Daniel B. Thurman dant at
Sun Dec 16 03:25:47 UTC 2007

At some point, I was able to use the GDM login screen with
fedorainfinity-gdm-theme and doing my normal things with
fedora for at least two weeks after an install and somewhere
along the way after a reboot, GDM failed to bring up the
login screen.  Crl-Alt-F1, and logging in a term session,
running Top - revealed that the gdmgreeter was running
a full solid 95%

Ok, darn.

I proceeded to use add Enable=True under the [Debug] section
in /etc/gdm/custom.conf and noticed on a gdm-restart - the debug
information was spewed in /var/log/messages file.  LOTS of debug
data there.  It appears that the debug stops spewing at the greeter
message handshake - but still running 85% CPU load.

Double Darn. Ok, fine.

The next step was to cd /usr/share/gdm, and look at the default.conf
file.  At line 520:


I commented out 'FedoraInfinity' theme and selected
the 'happygnome' theme, did a gdm-restart and

The login screen came up!!!

So, before jumping the gun with self-pride....  WHAT THE F*** is
going ON!?!?!?

Something in FedoraInfinity Theme is causing the gdmgreeter to
blow up?

Is this a bug or what?


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