An open letter to Miles Brennan

Neil Cherry ncherry at
Sun Dec 16 18:28:20 UTC 2007

David Boles wrote:
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> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>> Dear Miles,
>> Your Linux Home Server HOWTO seems to me to be an excellent document
>> dealing with an increasingly important topic,
>> as more and more of us turn into system administrators
>> running home Linux systems with several desktops and laptops around the
>> place.
>> Am I right in thinking that the Fedora-5 version of your document
>> at <> is the most recent?
>> If so, I would ask you - if you have the time -
>> to bring it up to Fedora-8 date.
>> You would be doing many of us a great service.
> While you were taking the time to write this RFE to this person and send
> it to this list did it occur to you that maybe, just maybe, this person
> does not follow this list?  ;-)

Sending an email to the author might be a good idea. :-)

Dang nice document (uhm ebook?) I haven't read through it fully
but someone put a lot of work into that documentation!

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