Cups problem

Craig White craigwhite at
Tue Dec 18 01:20:07 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-12-17 at 13:08 -0800, Kam Leo wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2007 12:16 PM, Craig White <craig at> wrote:
> >
> > > Later in the man page it says something about these packages not
> > > coming from any yum repo.  In the list agove, that is only true for a
> > > subset of packages (e.g. AdobeReader_enu and VMwareWorkstation).
> > ----
> > please have the courtesy of starting your own (NEW) thread as this one
> > has gone on and on and the OP gets confused too easily
> >
> > Craig
> Why? You have not shown any one else courtesy. You just wrote that my
> recommendation was bad. But yours is not any better. Let others on
> this list get in on the action. After all, this is an open forum.
Why ? because people were complaining about the length of the thread,
the OP was complaining that he was getting confused by the amount of
replies on the thread and lastly, because his question was going to take
the thread in an entirely new direction and that is wrong for those
reasons, and also because if any one tried to pick up on the thread for
either issue, they would have to wade through irrelevant stuff...that's
why some of us use threads.

As for my recommendations not any better than yours...ignoring of course
that the OP is now able to print...and if OP had followed your
instructions, he would have removed packages that were indeed proper for
his F8 installation and possibly broken what was otherwise working
software. I really wince when people suggest to other, less skilled
users to remove packages without really good reasoning and not only was
your reasoning not was completely ignorant of the fact that
packages exist with mis-identified versions and that isn't's
gone on for a few versions of Fedora now so I would have expected you to
have figured that out by now.

Lastly, I was trying to be considerate of the OP's claims that he was
confused by the various responses on the thread. I would hope that you
could learn some of that compassion. I note that Dean was fully capable
of starting a new thread with the same message and it was
responsed...including by you.


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