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John Summerfield debian at
Thu Dec 20 21:44:28 UTC 2007

ron wrote:

> Thanks for the reply. I figured it somehow is programmed into the
> cable modem and is somehow initiated by Comcast. I initially ignored
> it, but as a start in my learning about routers and networking I
> started here.  I basically see how it works now. My next project is to
> get a static ip address from DynDNS and then study up

dyndns does not give you an IP address, that's done by your Internet 
Access Provider who lends you one of his. dyndns does offer free 
subdomains of its own domains - mine is one - and a service to cope with 
dynamic IP.

> on routers. Any sugestions on hardware and software would be
> appreciated. I'd like to eventually experiment with a wireless sff
> motherboard diy router project.

See if you can find pebble, it's getting old now unless it's been 
upgraded. it's small, based on Debian, designed for what you want and 
has modest hardware requirements. Even if to old, it can serve as a 
how-to for reingineering with newer software. Google for 'seattle 
wireless pebble"

A linksys wrt54G is a cheap Linux computer, and fun can be had with 
that, replacing its software (there are several alternatives) and 
wondering whether you've bricked it yet. Google will help here too.



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