Fedora Core 6 No More

Alan alan at clueserver.org
Fri Dec 21 17:51:21 UTC 2007

> "Rahul Tidke" wrote:
>>     I have been using fedora core 6 in production since its launch, I
>> have
>> applied all the software and kernel updates till data using software
>> updater. As redhat/fedora announced its (core 6) end of life; I am
>> doubtful
>> about continuing its use in future??
>>     I am satisfied with the performance so far, iptables and selinux
>> (enforcing/targeted) are configured properly.
>>  My question is
>>  1) Shall I continue using this version or shall I upgrade to Fedora 8??
>>  2) What actually end of life means??
>>  3) Can I apply (kernel/software) updates after end of life?
>>  4) Is there any security threat?
> If you are happy with the application versions that FC6 included, almost
> exactly the same set is included in CentOS 5 which will be supported
> with security and bugfix updates for many more years, and the install
> and administration is nearly identical. I'd switch anything where having
> new features or the latest application versions is less important than
> stability and time required for maintenance.

The hard part is switching over.  It is not quite a straight over upgrade.
 (At least when I tried it.)  Is there a way to force CentOS to upgrade an
FC6 install?

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