Fedora Core 6 No More

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Dec 23 17:01:58 UTC 2007

Akhil Kapoor: <akhil.kapoor <at> homecall.co.uk> writes:
>> Hi I am using FC5 still on my production and test systems. I refrain
>> from upgrading it. As I do not apply new software is in a stable
>> environment there is no need to apply any updates even. This was when
>> FC5 was still supported.

Kevin Kofler:
> And, unless these machines are NOT connected to ANY network, I believe by now 
> you already have rootkits running on the system and don't even know it. :-/
> For a machine connected to the Internet in any way, even indirectly, not 
> applying security updates is suicidal!

That's a little extreme.  You'd, pretty much, have to expose a server to
the net to get a rootkit.  And you can connect to the internet without
using things that are full of security holes.  I've yet to hear of
anyone getting one just by reading e-mail through Evolution, for
instance (not that Evolution *can't* have a security hole, but I've
never heard of it having exploits like that).

I've still got an FC4 box running, it uses fetchmail to grab internet
mail, and dovecot to let other local boxes get their mail.  I haven't
seen anything that'll make me believe it's going to have a rootkit
simply because I've still got an old box connecting to the internet.

(This computer runs FC7, my others run FC4, FC5 & FC6, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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