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Wed Dec 26 17:53:59 UTC 2007

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> Jacques B. wrote:
>>> OS Platform Statistics
>>>   David
>> Their stats unfortunately do not tell you the size of the sample pool
>> used.  They say they used their logs.  But they don't say how many
>> logs they use or who is contributing the logs.  If they do mention
>> this it's not obvious when you visit the site.  If this info is
>> available I'd be interested in seeing it in order to have some
>> perspective to their numbers vs the other site I mentioned.
>>From the W3Counter site
> 91.48% for Windows
> 1.77% for Linux
> 4.58% for Mac
> is very similar to the number from the site I linked. Actually the Linux
> numbers are better, about double, from the site I Linked.
> I gather you did not look down the page?
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> Statistics Are Often Misleading
> You cannot - as a web developer - rely only on statistics. Statistics
> can often be misleading.
> Global averages may not always be relevant to your web site. Different
> sites attract different audiences. Some web sites attract professional
> developers using professional hardware, while other sites attract
> hobbyists using old low spec computers.

There are also browsers that lie as to what OS and browser they are
running so that Microsoft IIS servers will deliver content correctly.

Never believe the http header.

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