How to correctly write a video DVD from MPEG-2 files

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Fri Dec 28 05:34:31 UTC 2007

Ed Greshko wrote:
> Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
>> Ed Greshko wrote:
>>> Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
>>>> Long story short:
>>>> 	I have a new video camera (sony dcr sr-42).  I've records 75 minutes of
>>>> video on it.  I can mount its hdd over USB to my (fc6) laptop and access
>>>> the .MPG files which are the recording.  Two of them, since the first
>>>> one is 2GB in size, the 2nd file contains the remainder of the video.
>>>> Seems to be an MPEG-2 video w/AC3 audio embedded.
>>>> 	How do I write this to a DVD that anyone can stick it their stand-alone
>>>> DVD player and play as a single "movie"?
>>>> 	I tried using "dvdstyler", but it errors out while checking the video
>>>> for MPEG-2 errors (lots of bogus packet sizes), and then "mplex"
>>>> complains about the input files it gets as being unrecognizable.
>>>> 	dvdauthor assumes that I have VOB files already (I don't).
>>> Are you sure that is the case?
>>> dvdauthor  -  assembles multiple mpeg program streams into a suitable DVD
>>>               filesystem
>>> Have you tried creating an xml file like so....
>>> <dvdauthor>
>>>   <vmgm />
>>>     <titleset>
>>>       <titles>
>>>         <pgc>
>>>           <vob file="your_video.mpg" chapters="0,0:10,0:20,0:30,0:40,0:50" />
>>>         </pgc>
>>>       </titles>
>>>     </titleset>
>>> </dvdauthor>
>>> And using a command such as ...  dvdauthor -o dvd -x dvd.xml to create the
>>> dvd-structure in the -o directory....
>> No, I didn't, I'd rather have a tool that I can say:
>> 	create_dvd file.mpg
>> and have it do all the work, since I have no clue how to convert/massage
>> the .mpg files into the correct ISO format to be burned onto the DVD.
>> So, telling me to set up an .xml file assume that I know what to put in
>> the .xml file (which I do not know).
> Doing above should create a structure in the directory specified by the -o
> parameter.  Then it is a simple matter to use a command like...
> growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd -dvd-video ./dvd/
> The above assumes your dvd writer is /dev/dvd and the structure created by
> dvdauthor is located at your present position in the filesystem.

Thanks Ed, this part I can handle.  I've written many data DVDs before.
 I can even get K3B to do it if its already in ISO file structure format
(ie, the directories are in the right places).

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