lite-scribe question.

Kam Leo kam.leo at
Fri Dec 28 22:43:33 UTC 2007

On Dec 28, 2007 2:14 PM, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:
> On Friday 28 December 2007, Beartooth wrote:
> >On Fri, 28 Dec 2007 10:37:22 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> My LITE-ON drive does both sides of the disk.
> >
> >       Which lite-on? I have the DVDRW SOHW-832-S. With brasero, it
> >didn't see any disk (these are cheapo bulk DVD-Rs) when one side was up,
> >and told me the other was unwriteable -- with two disks. With K3B, it
> >says it has written the .iso, and is verifying it. I haven't tried any
> >other app yet.
> >
> Talking about the label side here, lite-scribe disks have a generally gold
> colored burnable surace on the top side that can have a label image written
> on.  Its also slower to burn than the regular data side, at least here.
> They are also in the 2 to 3 buck range per disk, not quite your basic $29 a
> 100 packs in spindles disks.  Darn it.
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> Cheers, Gene

Let us know how your label turns out. I have avoided light-scribe
media because of the higher media cost, the limited contrast range of
the label, and that writing the label takes more time than the data. I
use printable media instead. Advantages: The label supports color,
added protection for the data layer due to printable surface, takes
less than a minute to print the label, and the media costs just a bit
more than regular discs.

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