lite-scribe question.

Alan alan at
Mon Dec 31 17:23:58 UTC 2007

> On Sun, 30 Dec 2007 09:12:35 -0800
> Alan <alan at> wrote:
>> Using a color laser printer on plastic would be *BAD*.  The fuser on the
>> printer would melt the media.
> That's true.  But don't they make a sort of a "cloth" label for DVD's and
> CD's
> that could be printed and then pasted on the media?  I'm reasonably sure
> I've
> seen something like that before, somewhere.
> Of course, then you have the hassle of trying to get it straight and
> balanced
> so the disk won't wobble....

Labels that will go through a laser printer do exist.  They are a pain to
apply.  They also add weight to the disc, which concerns me performance
wise.  (I would think it would slow down the drive and make the read
timings more difficult.)  With CDs, I would not use anything with glue or
solvent on the top.  To many are made with the foil media covered by
paint, not plastic, on the top of the disc.  I have seen foil removed by a
post-it note applied to a cheap CD.

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