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Mon Dec 31 17:51:33 UTC 2007

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>>>> you can run ZFS AND not have to deal with messy GPL's
>>>> called
>>>> Open Solaris
>>> Which can't use device drivers that have GPL restrictions - the viral
>>> nature of the GPL has hijacked much of the work that would otherwise be
>>> available for any use.
>> So, use the drivers from the hardware manufacture. The authors of
>> the Linux drivers have the right to decide how there work is used.
> No they don't.  The only way to contribute code to a GPL'd project is
> under the GPL.
But you were talking about Open Solaris, and not being able to use
GPL drivers in Open Solaris. Now, there is nothing stopping the
author from licensing their code under more then one license. There
is a fair amount of code licensed under more then one license.
Remember, you can have more then one license of the right to copy an
author's work...
>> I
>> don't hear you complaining that the Windows drivers can not be used,
>> but there are even more restrictive - you can not even look at the
>> code.
> NDISwrapper sort-of, sometimes works.
>> Your complaints about the GPL always boil down to the fact
>> that the license prevents you from hijacking the code.
> I'm not interested in hijacking anything.  I just want to be able to use
> code that everyone has been given permission to use but not to
> redistribute in creative, usable forms.  And since it can't be
> distributed that way, it effectively can't be used.
Let me see if I have this right - it is ok to distribute code in
binary without the source, and restrict how you can use it, but it
isn't ok to distribute the code with the source and restrict how you
can use it. Or is it that you object sharing your code in order for
you to be able to use the code the author has shared with the
condition that you do so? It sounds like what you are objecting to
is the author licensing the code is a way that doesn't let you be
selfish if you want to use it in your project. If you want to use
code that carries a GPL license in a non-GPL project, contact the
author(s) for a license that works with what you want to do. (Oh
wait - then you might have to pay to use the code, and that would
cut into your profits...)


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