problem with nvidia driver 169.07

oleksandr korneta atenrok at
Mon Dec 31 18:26:02 UTC 2007


After I updated the kernel to the latest version

$ rpm -qa | grep kernel

it has pulled the latest nvidia drivers from livna for my GeForce 6600 card.

$ rpm -qa | grep nvidia

As I rebooted, my LCD panel went blank with the power light turning 
yellow, indicating that there is no video signal. Fortunately, I have 
dual-heal configuration, and I quickly discovered that the picture on my 
TV is OK. After running nvidia-settings, I was quite surprised to find 
out that all my videocard sees is just TV, but no LCD. If I switch to 
console mode, the flat panel comes alive and the picture appears on both 
TV and LCD. I changed the driver to nv, instead of nvidia and the 
picture appears on both screens without glitches. I hooked my LCD to 
DSUB output of my card instead of DVI, and nvidia-settings immediately 
found new CRT monitor, perfectly detecting the model and resolution.

Thus, latest nvidia driver does not detect the DVI output on my video 
adapter. Did anyone notice anything like this before? Is there something 
I've missed?

Oleksandr Korneta

I'm running FC8 i386 on x86_64 hardware, should this matter.

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