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Mon Dec 31 18:40:41 UTC 2007

Craig White wrote:

>> But, as for hijacking, can you assert that no work currently in Linux 
>> came from unrestricted *bsd style code and had GPL restrictions attached 
>> to further development, hindering additional innovation?  And that every 
>> contributor would have chosen to restrict distribution if it had not 
>> been necessary?
> ----
> language as persuasion is always worth watching. I seem to recall the
> language of 'viral' being attached to GPL by that great champion of
> software freedom...Steve Balmer so it does seem curious that you signed
> on to that terminology.

Some things are just obvious.

> As a user of Linux, I am convinced that it is the GPL license that has
> allowed Linux to become what it is today.

If by 'what it is today', you mean crippled in comparison to OS's that 
include and encourage vendor-supplied drivers, I might agree.  If you 
mean 'more popular than *bsd based systems other than OS X', I'm 
convinced that happened because AT&T was suing BSDI at the time the 
popularity was established and the fate of the code base wasn't clear.

> Your perspective on this list simply hasn't engendered any support.

Before zfs perhaps there wasn't anything that jumped out at you as 
missing strictly due to GPL restrictions.

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