Simon Neumeister linux at neu-meister.de
Thu Jan 4 12:39:56 UTC 2007

hi everybody

since i changed from Mandriva 2007 to FC6, i have trouble with the 
automatic network configuration through dhclient.
As i am moving daily from home to office and back with my laptop and use 
on both locations dhcp for configuation, i ran into trouble as dhclient 
requests an ip address for the network at home when i am in the office 
and vice versa.
The dhcp-server of course reponds then with a 'wrong network' message.

When doing the entire stuff manually (ifdown eth0, ifup eth0) its the 
same. The only solution i have right now is to unload the eth0 driver 
(rmmod tg3) from the kernel and load it again (modprobe tg3), but thats 
no permanent solution....


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