qwerty layout shortcuts - drifting away from original topic

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 14:24:13 UTC 2007

On 29/12/06, Tim <ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> Tim:
> >> typing.  There's too much gross hand movement - you cannot do it fast.
> >
> Ed Greshko:
> > You can't, I can.
> I would challenge anybody to prove that they can move their whole
> forearms, wrists and hands, into a new position, quicker than moving a
> couple of fingers.  It's a physical impossibility.  And I don't just
> mean humanly physically impossibly, I mean physics.  Large objects
> versus small objects with inertia to work against.

As much as I didn't want this branch of the discussion to occur, I
must make a single comment to it. Regarding the physics you mention:
you say that a large (presumably massive) object cannot be accelerated
quicker than a smaller object. That is true given a consistant force
applied against them. However, if the force being applied to the
larger object is larger than f*M/m than it will in fact accelerate
quicker. In that respect, I dare suggest that the arm muscles (vs. the
finger musles and respective masses) meet this requirement. Maybe an
anatomy specialist could correct me?

> Likewise, for hunt and peck.  Individual abilities aside, you're never
> going to see a two-fingered typist, hunt and peck or otherwise, beat a
> touch typist using all 10 fingers at 100 wpm.  It's another physical
> impossibility.

Unless they've got a T9 dictionary and only ten keys! I once dated a
girl who out-typed me on her Nokia mobile phone vs. me on my A4
wireless keyboard.

> As to topic drift, that's why we have threading and subject lines.  I've
> changed the subject line, but don't have a client that lets me break the
> references headers (it's been a while since I've seen one that lets you
> manually do such things).  And only those desiring to participate
> actually do so...

That's allright for me, Gmail breaks threads on subject. Most of the
time it's a pain (and there's no manual override) but for once it
works to my benefit.

Dotan Cohen


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