Is Fedora a good comparison to Red Hat?

Anthony Joseph Seward anthony.seward at
Fri Jan 5 20:59:52 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 01:25 +0000, Amadeus W. M. wrote:
> > Fedora should be similar to Redhat products, but is further ahead, 
> > trying out new stuff, so there are some slight differences. I run FC6 on 
> > my personal laptop but use a Enterprise Linux based distro at work, 
> > namely Scientific Linux (3 and 4). Tjhere are differences.
> I've always wanted to try SL but never had the time. I do now, so I
> thought I'd ask someone with hands on experience how is it different than
> FC? What tools does it have that I can't get in FC6? Is it more stable?
> Thanks!

Scientific Linux tracks Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so SL4.x is very
similar to RHEL 4.  For differences, look at

If you use commercial scientific software or compilers, you may want to
look at SL.  If a vendor says that they support RHEL 4 then SL 4 should
work with no problem.  Take a look at the live CD/DVD first:


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