Restarting modem/router through software

Paul Smith phhs80 at
Sun Jan 7 19:40:37 UTC 2007

On 1/7/07, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel at> wrote:
> >> From time to time, my modem/router sticks and I have to switch it off
> > and then on again. Can that be done only with software, without using
> > the modem physical switcher?
> >
> It depends on how it "sticks". If it has a WEB/based interface, and
> that works when the router 'sticks", then you may be able to do a
> software reset. If it is locking up, and not responding to the
> outside world, then you are limited to the switch or some other
> method of turning off the power, and turning it back on.
> Have you checked for a firmware upgrade for the modem/router that
> fixes the "sticking" problem?

Thanks, Mikkel. The modem was supplied by my ISP and there is no
documentation at all. I have tried to upgrade the firmware, but I
always get "time out", even with the firewall off. And yes, there is a
web interface for the modem. My problem is that during the night I
leave my computer downloading and the downloads are interrupted
because the Internet connection becomes sort of blocked (needing a
power off and on of the modem).


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