FC5, And FC6 won't shutdown completely

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Fri Jan 12 02:03:39 UTC 2007

Nigel Henry wrote:

>>> Nigel.
>> Have you tried adding acpi=on as one of the kernel parameters? 
>> Jim
> Hi Jim. No-Go on that. Dmesg shows ACPI as disabled. 

Kam's message which mentioned the smp only version of the kernel instead 
of having a separate smp and uni version might explain the problem. I'm 
adding Kam's posting to this message so I can thank Kam as well for the 
information of the possible reason.

Excerpt below:
> This problem also occurs in OpenSUSE 10.2. The SUSE developers have
> pinned it down to the incorporation of SMP into a single kernel
> package and not getting the proper switches/options enabled for
> uniprocessor systems.

Thanks Kam for the explanation.

> Thanks Jim for your suggestion.

It is strange that it does not work for certain platforms. I guess you 
might file a bug report for the problem mentioning the SMP kernel. I 
thought FC5 had a seperate uni version and an smp version. Maybe it was 
considered safe to compile the uni version with smp enabled for the 
later kernel versions.

Since FC5 came with a uni version which had no smp enabled originally, 
you might try installing the original version for testing from FC5 using 
rpm -Ivh --oldpackage <kernel-version.rpm>
and reboot into this kernel to see if this older version will shut down 

After that, you might have hope for FC5 but will need the problem Kam 
mentions getting resolved with the one SMP enabled kernel version.

The only other option probably would be to compile a custom kernel and 
turn off SMP support in the configuration. Either that or there might be 
yet another need for a kernel switch like nosmp as a kernel parameter.


> Nigel.

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