Getting Fox News to work with Firefox

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Mon Jan 22 07:53:35 UTC 2007

On Monday 22 January 2007 00:40, Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> Ironically, I was shopping for a credit card when I ran into Citibank's
> website issues. I told them that I would not apply for a credit card
> from them if their Website wouldn't support my choice of Web browser.
> Their response: An on-line application form by e-mail pointing to their
> website. Nice...!
Some time back I ran into this with HSBC.  I pointed out to them that 
government departments in the USA had told their employees that IE was 
insecure, and they should use FireFox.

'Insecure' is the word that gets attention :-)  A week or so later the site 
was working correctly in FF and Konqueror.

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