Getting people to say nice things about Microsoft (Linspire repo)

Scott van Looy scott at
Thu Jan 25 15:59:22 UTC 2007

Today Les Mikesell did spake thusly:

> Craig White wrote:
>>> Would know if Freespire has the same security flaw that Linspire has?
>>> Everything by design in Linspire is run as 'root'. The GUI desktop. The
>>> applications. The whole thing. Just like Windows does.
>> ----
>> Like Ric & Gene
> On a single-user computer there's not a whole lot of value in
> preventing yourself from being able to destroy other user's
> work - which is what you get from the effort of not having
> admin privilages all the time.
> Also, if you really think there are security bugs lurking in the
> programs you are running, wouldn't you prefer that they be
> found and fixed instead of worked around, avoided, and allowed
> to linger forever?

I'd prefer they were found and fixed by silly people running them as root 
and deleting all their files as opposed to by me, yes ;)

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