Cron message puzzle

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sun Jan 28 23:19:17 UTC 2007

On 26Jan2007 19:25, Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> wrote:
| Unfortunately that has only partially solved the problem.  I'm now getting 
| logwatch messages, but no cron ones.  There is a small backup job due to run 
| twice daily, and I haven't seen any message for it yet.  The job clearly ran 
| this afternoon, as I can see files on the backup drive that were not created 
| until this morning.

Are they being delivered to the machine itself instead? I have noticed that
some jobs deliver to root at localhost or some icky variant like that, and some
do not. Annoying.

Is there a /var/log/maillog file tracing mail delivery? (Possibly
another syslog file.)
Cameron Simpson <cs at> DoD#743

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