Mount hdd

Dave Stevens geek at
Mon Jan 29 03:58:09 UTC 2007

On Sunday 28 January 2007 13:47, Tanguy Eric wrote:
> I would like to mount a fat32 partition so i create /media/echange and
> add /dev/hdd1 /media/echange vfat rw,defaults,user,umask=0000   0 0
> to /etc/fstab the partition is mounted without any pb but i would like
> this drive appears as a drive in gnome "poste de travail".
> How is it possible ?
> Thanks
> Eric


It's possible that my French is not up to snuff. I think "post de travail" 
must be the Gnome file browser window, is that right? And are you trying to 
get the mount to show up as an icon when the window is open? Please say what 
version of Fedora you have.


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